Helpful Hints & Tips

Planning Ahead

When you have a project in mind like building a trunk or
chest or renovating kitchen cabinets it is always best in
your planning to figure out what hardware you are going to
need before hand like hinges, catches, latches, pulls and
knobs. We see a lot of do it yourselfers whom come in after
the fact looking for lets say a particular hinge function and
there is none that particular function or finish. Always good
to plan ahead before proceeding with your projects.
The same goes before the installation of your new kitchen
cabinets. Know the style and finish of the hinges they come
with so you get the right finish desired to match the cabinet
pulls or knobs you will be ordering. Order your knobs and
pulls well ahead of the installation of the cabinets so the
contractor has them there in time to install them. Some
large orders can take 4-5 weeks to get in. We have
numerous suppliers that ship quickly but you may of picked
out a line that needs to be manufactured and then we get in
line with the rest of the orders put in that day.
We are here to help you make your choices for your next
project. Always plan ahead.

Helpful Tips

When you change the clocks Spring and Fall and replace
the batteries in your smoke alarms take some WD40 and
spray into all your exterior key hole lock cylinders. Treat
your hinge pins too especially if you live near the coast.
This not only makes them function easier but the
lubrication preventive maintenance makes them last long.
I get asked a lot what to use to clean the cabinet hardware?
I recommend Dawn Original Blue dish detergent for
cleaning and disinfecting in the whole house. Most cleaners
have a high PH which does the job but harms the finish.
Dawn is safe for any job whether a tough cleaning situation
or general cleaning. It is safe for us and the environment.
Most strong cleaners advertised out there are harmful. Read
the label for PH acidity and harmful chemicals. Dawn even
is a great glass cleaner in a mild dilution in water. Just a
few caps of it in a 32oz sprayer goes a long ways. ( No, we
don't sell it nor do I have stock in it!) Its just a great
cleaner!Readily available at grocery and hardware stores.