We Know Good Lighting Is Hard To Find, Here At Decorum Hardware & Nostalgia Lighting All Our Lighting Fixtures Are Custom & Handcrafted Here In Our Shop (& The USA) To Meet Your Exact Measurements

Update your outdated lighting with handcrafted lighting fixtures to add warmth and safety to your home

Tired of the obsolete, run-of-the-mill lighting in your home? Whether you need a kitchen island, dining, wall or hanging we custom make island lights, pendant lights, wall sconces, and our exterior lighting is handcrafted by USA Northeast Lantern. Time to visit Decorum Hardware & Nostalgia Lighting. Explore our selection of handcrafted lighting fixtures to find something completely unique. Our lightsmiths can help you decide on the best lighting for your space or help you design your own. We are proud to offer American-made lighting fixtures.
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Updating your light fixtures is a smart choice for many homeowners because our USA-made lighting fixtures can:

  • Withstand the test of time
  • Make the way safer
  • Add warmth to a room
  • Add a welcoming light to your entrance
  • Accent your spaces with a stunning new design
  • Provide more light while also being more efficient
  • Save you money on your electric bills.
  • Find out how handcrafted lighting fixtures can spark a change in your home. Visit us now to end your search for quality lighting.

In loving memory of our late lightsmith Burr Chase

In loving memory of our late lightsmith Burr Chase

We Also Repair & Restore Lighting Fixtures To Make Them Safe

We handcraft and repair lighting fixtures right here in our lighting shop in Falmouth, Maine.

We also offer an exceptional line of USA-made solid brass and copper lanterns, chandeliers, and post lights from Northeast Lantern of Exeter, New Hampshire.

Prior to 2010, our lights were sold under the name, Nostalgia Lighting. When we moved to our new location in Falmouth, everything was consolidated under the name Decorum Hardware & Nostalgia Lighting.

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